Sunday, August 16, 2015

Wanderings on Writing By Jane Lindskold

If you're looking for a book that will miraculously turn you into a published writer then put this book down. Then pick up a heavier book, hit yourself over the head with it to clear out that intent, and pick up this book again.
Jane Lindskold's Wanderings on Writing is a Collection of Essays that have been edited and re-worked from her original blog postings. This is not a how-to book, but is more like a forum, it’s like sitting on your friends couch and getting intimate details about their thoughts and creative process.
Which when it comes to writing is more useful than a how-to book. A novel isn't an Ikea shelf, the same directions will not apply or produce the same results with each block of wood.
If you're an intuitive Writer and feel overwhelmed by the structure and planning involved with producing a finished work I recommend this book. If you're involved with a writer, have thought about becoming a writer, or just like an interesting short read, I also recommend this book.
This Book didn't fix anything for me, or magically erase issues, it did however prompt some parallel thoughts that I was able to apply to my own life and writing.
One of the things I took to heart from one of the essays was that I shouldn't feel like a lesser writer because I’m an intuitive writer. If Jane can do her outlines in reverse and have a fluid and malleable end game, then I feel encouraged that I can write a story without necessarily knowing the outcome.
The most important thing to do is write. And then Write. Go to work. Have a Drink. Experience life, but write. No matter your perceived limitations or reasons for not writing beforehand, the only thing you have to loose is embarrassment, and you only ever need to show those works to someone if you choose to.

Read the book, write a review, but write.

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